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What is the truth about Vero?

You might think that social media channels take up enough of our time already but – undeterred – we’ve recently been checking out the latest social media network called Vero. The design is clean, content is varied, and you can choose your audience from close friends to followers you may not even know.

A key difference is that Vero will work to a subscription, rather than advertiser-based, payment model so your feed won’t feature ads and there’s no algorithm. It’s all explained on their manifesto. There has been a spike in registrations in recent days – initially the first million early adopters (the offer has now been extended indefinitely) were rewarded with free membership for life. The resulting technical problems – delays in downloads and issuing verification codes, and problems accessing the site – plus fundamental criticisms such as the lack of a desktop interface are just some of the issues facing Vero.

Is Vero going to revolutionise the market? Hard to say – it faces stiff competition from marketer-friendly tools such as Instagram. We’d love to know if you have signed up, and what you think? Are its USPs enough to entice you, or have the teething issues put you off trying? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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