Find out how easily you can increase your ROI by up to 10x, while decreasing monthly Adverting Spend & improving organic SEO results!

What is Kongalytics?

Kongalytics is the only platform that uses social data to drive pinpointed advertising campaigns & monitor the impact on your SEO. This massively increases both paid and organic ROI by eliminating wasted ad spend.


Kongalytics connects to all of your social channels & web analytics tools and imbeds tracking codes on your website. As well as giving you one really simple platform to manage it all, it allows our system to track your customer’s journey across everything.

Choose your ‘conversion metric’

Kongalytics needs a conversion metric, that’s how it knows the difference between a customer/lead, and your mother-in-law that ‘likes’ every post you ever put on Facebook. This is an easy task if you’re in e-commerce. If not it might be a completed contact form, a downloaded whitepaper, or something more specific to your business.

Campaign segments

Within the Kongalytics system, everything you post organically on social gets tagged with a campaign name. Whether that’s a product, a service, a seasonal promotion, or something else, it all gets tagged. Our system uses this data to work out who is interested in each part of your business, allowing your advertising to get very granular & targeted.


Now you have your social accounts plugged in, the trackers in place, everything is tagged with a campaign, and we have your buying metric, we’re ready to start placing ads. As your data grows our system quickly learns who your true customer is. Once up to speed you can kiss wasted ad spend goodbye. Which is exactly how we got Universal Music 10X ROI on their ad spend!


Believe it or not, your online advertising plays a big part in your SEO. Spamming clickbaity ads and getting huge bounce rates makes the Google Spiders pretty unhappy. But placing awesome ads in front of people that are much more likely to complete your buying cycle will make those same Spiders love your website. Kongalytics keeps a real-time eye on your SEO so you can see the impact of each campaign you’re running, as you’re running it. Making it much easier to push the competition aside.

That sweet, sweet data!

Finally, you’ll know who your true audience is as well as how to reach them most efficiently. Not only will this reduce ad spend, but it can also help you reduce the cost of creative, as you’ll have very clear data that shows you what creative drives sales.

Use this data for good, or use it for evil, that’s up to you (please use it for good), the important thing is you’ll understand your customers, and business, better than ever.





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