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The Kongalytics Team: Our Week in Tech News

What a varied bag of news we’ve been looking at this week! The team has diversified into interests in marketing, business and even AI. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook.


This news means that advertisers won’t be paying for people who accidentally clicked on ads any more. It’s a common occurrence on Facebook – we all do it! Facebook will not count clicks where a user bounces back after two seconds or less. This may see reduced click numbers but will also further reduce wasted ad spend.

Article via Tech Crunch: Facebook says it’s removing accidental clicks from its ad network


With the breakthrough in augmented reality and AI, we are about to face rising issues such as gender equality and cultural diversity. Issues, accompanying our society for decades. A challenge but also an opportunity, AI can contribute to innovations in society and change in cognitive perceptions when it comes to gender equality and cultural diversity.

Article via Think with Google: AI: 3 Ways to Unlock Trust in Tech & Why Diversity is the Key


This simple guide to strategic business planning, advertising and more provides tips and techniques for advertising and PR, for non-marketing managers. It’s an all round easy to read piece that’s great to dip into when writing and planning. It covers fundamental aspects of marketing which sometimes helps to get back to basics.

Article via Business Balls: marketing and advertising tips


Facebook’s ‘Watch’ idea is heading to the US pretty soon. It’s a new platform for shows,  available on mobile, desktop and in TV apps. A mixture of live and recorded episodes follow a theme or storyline and will help users to discover things that they’ve never seen before. It’s an interesting concept and with the stratospheric rise of video it seems the right direction to head. It will surely create conversation and engagement.

Article via Facebook Newsroom: Introducing Watch, a new platform for shows on Facebook

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