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5 things that caught our eye this week


It’s been a busy week both online and in the Kongalytics office, so we thought we’d just give you a quick round-up of all the things we think are noteworthy from the last seven days.

Got anything to add? Let us know.

Taylor Swift will take over the world

Taylor’s great isn’t she? This week she made Apple backtrack over its decision not to pay artists during users’ trial periods of its new streaming service Apple Music. She has since decided that she will allow her hit album ‘1989’ to be streamed.

Basically, the online world can’t get enough of Taylor and want her to fight all of their battles.

Soccer and Vine go hand-in-hand

More soccer clubs are taking up social media opportunities and it has to be said that many are getting better at it too.

The Premier League’s Watford FC has become the latest club to join Vine and plan to add more exclusive content to their ever-growing online presence.

Dropbox hits an all time high

There are now over 400 million registered users of Dropbox, which is a staggering number of people across the world using its cloud services.

They also proudly let slip that 1.2 billion files are synchronised every day. We’ll leave you to digest that number!

We’re big fans of Dropbox so it’s great to know that the company really is hitting the big time.

Who’s the Twitter boss?

It’s hotting up in the battle for Twitter’s CEO title. After Dick Costolo announced that he would step down on July 1st, it was expected that Jack Dorsey would take over at the top, but Twitter bosses have warned that he must let his position within Square go first.

Take your dog to work’ day is a great as it sounds

Oh yes, this one’s a winner. People took their dogs to work and then snapped away and posted plenty of pictures online. Need we say more?




6 Things We Learnt This Week


Here’s the lowdown of what the social networking world has taught us at Kong towers this week.

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like the Facebook movie: ‘The Social Network’ Facebook founder says the plot lines are made up because plain hard work isn’t “glamourous enough”.

Everyone loves penguinsJohn Lewis released its super-cute Christmas advert, and it was a massive hit on Twitter and Facebook

The RDS needs Wi-Fi: The Web Summit may have been a big hit, but the wi-fi outages caused a bit of a storm.

World’s first selfie was taken in 19th Century: In 1839, Robert Cornelius set up his camera and moved to be in front of the lens. He sat tight for five minutes and created the first photographic self-portrait.

Social Media can save pets: An online campaign successfully found Border Collie Jasper, who went missing in the Lake District with his owner.

It’s possible to turn a fail into a #win: Chevrolet spokesman Rikk Wilde fluffed his lines when describing the Colorado Bumgarner saying it “combines class winning and leading, um, you know, technology and stuff.” It was turned into a great campaign!


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