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6 Things We Learnt This Week


Here’s the lowdown of what the social networking world has taught us at Kong towers this week.

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like the Facebook movie: ‘The Social Network’ Facebook founder says the plot lines are made up because plain hard work isn’t “glamourous enough”.

Everyone loves penguinsJohn Lewis released its super-cute Christmas advert, and it was a massive hit on Twitter and Facebook

The RDS needs Wi-Fi: The Web Summit may have been a big hit, but the wi-fi outages caused a bit of a storm.

World’s first selfie was taken in 19th Century: In 1839, Robert Cornelius set up his camera and moved to be in front of the lens. He sat tight for five minutes and created the first photographic self-portrait.

Social Media can save pets: An online campaign successfully found Border Collie Jasper, who went missing in the Lake District with his owner.

It’s possible to turn a fail into a #win: Chevrolet spokesman Rikk Wilde fluffed his lines when describing the Colorado Bumgarner saying it “combines class winning and leading, um, you know, technology and stuff.” It was turned into a great campaign!


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