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Facebook Image Dimensions for 2015

One of the biggest social media trends for 2015 is the extensive use of visual content. Deciding which images to use is a crucial element for any business and can be quite difficult to master.

Kong Digital has created a guideline to help your business understand the correct image dimensions to use when uploading and editing pictures on Facebook.


Facebook Cover Photo Size

Facebook cover photos are displayed as 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high on desktop computers and 640 pixels by 360 pixels on smartphones. The image you upload must be at least 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels high.

Although your cover photo can be in a PNG, JPG or GIF format, Facebook suggest using a PNG format to get the best results.

cover-image-and-profile-pic-size mobile-cover-image


Facebook Profile Picture Size

For Profile pictures, uploaded images must be at least 180 pixels by 180 pixels. The picture which is cropped to fit the square available for profile pictures is then displayed at 160 pixels by 160 pixels. For smartphones the picture is displayed at 140 pixels by 140 pixels.


Shared Link Thumbnails

The Thumbnails for shared links on Facebook are scaled to fit within a box that is 484 pixels by 252 pixels.



Images Uploaded to timeline

When an image is uploaded to a timeline it is automatically scaled to fit within a box that is 504 pixels by 504 pixels.

The orientation of the image also plays a huge part in determining how Facebook will display it.

Images which are horizontal (landscape) in size will be scaled to 504 pixels wide and images which are vertical (portrait) will be scaled to 504 pixels high.



Mulitple Images Uploaded to timeline

These dimensions vary depending on how many images are uploaded and what orientation the images are. Take a look at the examples below to see what dimensions are relevant to your uploads. (Click to enlarge)


Facebook Event Image Dimensions

For events created on Facebook, the cover photo uploaded is displayed at 784 pixels by 295 pixels. Images uploaded to the events timeline are scaled to fit a box within 470 pixels by 390 pixels.

The orientation of the image also plays a part in influencing how these images are displayed. For horizontal (landscape) sizes, the image will extend across 470 pixels and for vertical (portrait) images, the full image will be displayed, however, it will be aligned to the left and leave white space to the right.


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