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The Kongalytics Team: Our Week in Tech News

Lots of new things coming from Facebook this week. Plus a solar eclipse, which isn’t something we can write about every week!


It didn’t escape my notice this week that Facebook is set to change its layout with the idea of making it more user friendly. There will be circular profile pictures, bigger link previews, and probably the biggest change it the look of the comments. In terms of being easy to use, Facebook probably doesn’t need too many changes, but a fresh look is always welcome.

Article via Marketing Land: Facebook redesigns news feed with larger link previews, circular profile photos


Video is the king of content at the moment, so this tool has caught my attention as something really useful for pulling together videos for Facebook quickly and easily. The impact of a moving visual for users is clear and to be able to add your own touch with logos and text is something everyone will be making use of.

Article via Facebook Business: Remix your existing videos with Videoshop


There’s a solar eclipse happening in the east of the US on Monday and Twitter is joining forces with nature to broadcast it live. Obviously, as many people as possible will love to go out and see this once in a lifetime event, but for anyone who will be working or if it’s cloudy, this is great! Most people will be tweeting away about the event anyway, so why not let them see it for themselves on screen?

Article via Digital Trends: Twitter joins the eclipse party with full coverage…


The Google Knowledge Graph is Google’s systematic way of putting facts, people and places together, to create interconnected search results that are more accurate and relevant. As marketers, we help our customers to build their knowledge database by figuring out exactly what the content is, who the target audience is and how to connect their searches with the right information.
Gaining traffic requires a long term strategy and there are three main steps highlighted in the blog for short term, which are very interesting.

Article via Neil Patel Blog: The Beginner’s Guide to Google’s Knowledge Graph

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