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The Kongalytics Team: Our Week in Tech News

Clearly, the Kong team has been in full on reading mode this week. There are so many developments coming from all social platforms and Google that we’re keeping up at a great pace!


In reporting social media data, there are always discrepancies between Google Analytics and Facebook data, especially. As one gets to know patterns it’s easy to understand why there are differences, but to read these simple steps and understand it fully made for interesting realisations. Cookies are always a big element of Google Tracking, so anyone who has disabled them is already discounted as a number. An informative read!

Article via Social Media Today: 8 Reasons Why Google Analytics Data Will Never Match Your Facebook Insights


Twitter hashtags were 10 years old this week. Yes, TEN! The very first one was used by Chris Messina and the rest, as they say, is history. This article focused on how the hashtag symbol came to be used in the first place and it stems back to very early Internet days. Internet Relay Chat was a form of group chat rooms where hashtags were used to group similar messaged together, similar to Twitter. Amazing how time flies!

Article via Mashable:Twitter hashtags are 10 years old and they wouldn’t have happened without old-school texting


Online sales is becoming less about hard selling and more about offering good value in products and services. It’s not always easy to convince yourself that digital sales have to be different to selling in a store, for example, but there are simple, but effective, steps to take to make it easier to change your mindset on digital sales and create great customer relationships.

Article via Social Media Today: 5 Methods to Profit from the Digital Sales Transformation


When investing time in optimising Google Ads, it would be frustrating not to see results in the form of website clicks and conversions.  One of the largest reasons for people to not complete a conversion after clicking on ads is if landing pages aren’t mobile friendly. One in three smartphone users will switch to another website if yours doesn’t look good on the screen. Nearly two thirds leave if there are too many steps to complete or if what they’re looking for isn’t right in front of them. “Landing pages” is on its way from Google and will allow you to see which URLs in your account are mobile-friendly.

Article via Google Blog: Go beyond the click with the “Landing pages” page

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