Digital Marketing Assistant

Job Overview

Kong Digital prides itself in providing invaluable data to its clients to keep them informed of activity on social media, online advertising and websites. The role of the Digital Marketing Assistant is to make sure clients receive accurate information in a timely manner on a monthly, weekly or campaign basis. The Digital Marketing Assistant will collate data from various platforms to present to clients with full analysis of what this means for their business – what worked, what didn’t work, suggestions of improvements etc. This role is fast paced in a digital marketing agency that receives daily enquiries on campaign performance. The key to this role is ensuring our clients understand the value we are delivering to them on a daily basis.

Responsibilities and Duties

 Including but not limited to:

  • Creating monthly reports for clients
  • Creating campaign reports for selected clients
  • Daily monitoring of online ads (Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Google)
  • Concise analysis of reports
  • Internal suggestions for future advertising campaigns
  • Innovate thinking – new ways to create reports efficiently and accurate as demand grows
  • Identify trends relating to business performance and make recommendations for improvements based on this analysis
  • Work with software development team to manage the development of our SaaS including automated analytics and real time reporting
  • Provide ad-hoc analysis, support and recommendations


  • Knowledge of social media advertising platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Google mainly)
  • Proficient in Google Analytics
  • An eye for numbers, trends and patterns
  • The ability to identify KPIs per client and to understand client needs quickly
  • Confidence in presenting findings and discussing results with colleagues and clients
  • Ability to work with budgets and understand ad spend
  • Quantitative and analytical skills, with the ability to collate and present results in a concise, creative and professional manner
  • Confident in using Excel (or similar) to create spreadsheets, monitor booking sheets and create graphs
  • A good understanding of Analytics Tools, databases and their capabilities.
  • Ability to assist in designing and developing data visualisations
  • Excellent reporting skills
  • Strong ability to interpret and draw conclusions from data
  • Ideas-driven and creative in finding solutions/ designing improved methods
  • Problem solver, logical thinker in gathering and analysing data
  • Excellent Interpersonal communication and organisational skills required
  • Proven self-starter with ability to work on own initiative
  • Business Awareness


Education level: Third level in Business, Social Media, Marketing or similar preferred, but not essential

Experience: Experience in a similar role preferred, but not essential if your education has taught these skills to a high level.

Specific skills: Proficient in Excel and Powerpoint.

Personal characteristics: Confident. Good communication.

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