Founded in 2013 by CEO Robert Kelly and CTO Yong Chen, Kong Digital has grown from it’s humble beginnings in Ardee, Ireland, to having offices and teams in Dublin, London, Wuhan and New York.

Kong Digital’s mission is to help brands, agencies, and consumers ensure that online advertising is as targeted and relevant as possible. No one likes being served ads for things they don’t want, no one likes paying for ads that people don’t want, and no one likes creating content that people don’t want to interact with and consume.

It’s important to capitalise on the many ways that consumers can be presented with what you have to offer and it’s also a significant benefit to create an integrated approach to all your online touchpoints.

Website, social media, online ads and SEO all feed in to one final goal – your conversion. Whether it’s a physical sale, an appointment, a contact or a subscription, there is a strategy to be made that suits you.

We recognised that integration is key to success in reducing advertising costs and improving ROI. Kong Digitals integrated marketing platform “Kongalytics” is an all-in-one SaaS to bring your online marketing efforts together. From creating awareness through organic content, driving goals through ads, tracking & analyzing data and learning from your campaigns. Kongalytics allows you to maximise your online activity and budgets in real time.

Kongalytics is utilized by small, medium and Enterprise brands across the globe and provides a 24/7 best in class customer service to its clients.


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