What is Kongalytics for agencies?

Kongalytics is the only platform that uses social data to drive pinpointed advertising campaigns & monitor the impact on your SEO. This massively increases both paid and organic ROI by eliminating wasted ad spend.

Kongalytics Agency program allows our agency partners to understand their client’s data like never before, as well as truly understanding the impact of every social post and every ad. With Kongalytics, agencies can help reduce their client’s ad spend by up to 50%, as well as increasing ROI by up to 10X.


  • Tag Campaigns
  • Track interactions
  • Auto-segment Audiences
  • Understand Audiences


  • Real time social data
  • Custom Audiences
  • Smart Targeting


  • Track impact on SEO
  • Monitor Keyword Performance
  • Competitor analysis
  • Increase campaigns bringing Positive SEO
  • Reduce negative SEO


  • Dedicated account manager to ensure your clients’ success


  • Manage multiple clients, give restricted access, track successes across all platforms


  • Our Kongalytics experts can ensure that your teams is always up to date on all the latest features, as well as techniques and best practices.

What are the benefits?

Increase ROI

Our clients have seen increases in ROI up to 10x. Be the hero. Get the results. Keep the work coming in.

Reduced Ad Spend

Stop advertising to the wrong people, take control, get targeted, and use that extra budget for something profitable.

Improve SEO

Add value to your client’s campaigns. Become irreplaceable.

Agency Pricing

Pricing built just for Agencies. Includes client-friendly billing options.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated agency account managers ensure the Kongalytics platform is always running at 100%.

Referral Program

Oh system runs on great content, so we help connect our brands that are struggling to create content, with our agency partners.
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